I am a guitarrist and producer of electronic and analog music.
My favourite things include rock in all its forms, bass music, jazz and latin music.

Turn (2013)

A mixture of digital and analog sounds, TURN combines guitars, acoustic instruments and textures along with heavy bass and rhythms ranging from breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass and hip hop. The opening track dives into relentless d&b-funk-reggaeton, and other tracks play on more subtle melodic elements.

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Omega (2015)

In the making for a few years due to life transitions, Omega takes elements from TURN, such as the mixture of organic and synthetic and refines them. Some pieces are much darker than in previous albums, and the guitar work more nuanced. Bass music percolates the format, with more rhythmic forays into drumstep, wonky and 2-step & tribal guarachero, effectively tracing bass music history from the past and future.

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Your Favourite Band Sucks (2014)

Your Favourite Band Sucks is a collaboration between longtime friends, that somehow became a much more global project. The collective talent of producers from around the world here creates interesting remixes on the title track, courtesy of Artaius Gathering, AWZM Music, Schizophrenichousecat (Mr. Scrambles) & Everton DNB.

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The Mexibass Collection (2011-2014)

It all started as a joke. Remixing a ranchera, stitching in drops and a sinuous bassline for people to dance to in dark, dubby clubs. After the initial wave of support, three more tracks were made over the course of a few years. This is the product of that conversation.

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